Kenny Rogers’ Wife Donates Half His Estate To Trump’s Re-Election: ‘It’s What He Would Have Wanted’

“I love what he says, I have to admit,” Kenny Rogers said about Donald Trump in 2015. Today that sentiment will be shared in dollars as the world mourns the loss of one of the greatest performers of all time. Kenny’s estate will be split between his family — and Trump 2020, according to Sandy Batt, spokeswoman for Kenny ‘s wife, Dominique Tubolls Rogers.
“Kenny wanted Trump to win so it’s the best way to do that. In Trump’s presidency stream Kenny has always been an island. During a dinner in Palm Beach, he once told him there was no way he should ‘fold’ them and walk away.’ Trump told him not to worry.”

Rogers has already done more than most for the Trump campaign, offering Trump campaign staff free coleslaw with the purchase of a half-chicken dinner at “Roasters,” and allowing them to refill their drink cups for half the price. Staffers sent Kenny a thank you note once, telling how much they appreciated the gesture since Trump paid them minimum wage and made no promises for White House jobs, though many of them now hold deputy cabinet positions.

Pelosi says it’s ‘essential’ for illegal immigrants to get health benefits

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it is “absolutely essential” that illegal immigrants also have access to health benefits in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus.
“It is in everyone’s interest that everyone should be in the loop on health care. … It’s absolutely essential that we get benefits for everybody in our country when we’re testing when we’re tracking when we’re treating and the rest, “the Democrat of California said during a teleconference.
Pelosi said Democrats want to undo a coronavirus legislation provision that prevents mixed-immigration families from receiving stimulus payments from the Internal Revenue Service.
“We want to fix the mixed-family problem,” she said Thursday during her weekly news conference, without committing to it being part of the next pandemic bill passed by the House, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

In response to a question about supporting undocumented immigrants more broadly than stimulus payments, the speaker said she was pleased that the Federal Reserve is looking at ways to extend non-profit lending programs, including those working with illegal immigrants.
California collaborated with charities to create a $125 million fund to provide cash payments to the state’s illegal immigrants.
“We are well-served if we understand that everyone in our country belongs to our society and … helps the economy grow. Much of what we do is to meet people’s needs, but it’s all stimulation so we shouldn’t cut off the stimulation, “Pelosi said.

Pelosi pressed ahead with a sweeping package on Tuesday even as a host of Republican leaders expressed hesitation about extra expenditures.

She promises that the Democrat-controlled House will provide legislation to help state and local governments through the crisis, along with additional funds for direct payments to individuals, unemployment insurance, and a third tranche of aid to small businesses.
As Democrats fashion the kit, Pelosi is leading the way, which is expected to be unveiled soon even as the House stays closed while the Senate is open.