Omar: ‘When We Win in November, We Will Eliminate Social Security Entitlements for Seniors.

At a rally this week for communist fascist Bernie Sanders, Muslamic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar railed against entitlements for seniors, vowing to cut them and eventually eliminate them completely.

“These old people haven’t earned these entitlements! We need more funding for our infrastructure and education centers and the biggest government expense is social security entitlements for senior citizens. We will have these phased out completely by 2024. We need to look toward the future generations and provide them welfare benefits, not the past of these older generations. Their time is over. They ruined the economy and must be made to pay!”

This plan is right from the communist playbook. Avowed communist Joe Barron said Omar’s plan is “the best proposal we’ve ever seen to further our communist agenda to take control of American ideals.” if this doesn’t worry you, I’m afraid you have been sleeping.

Fortunately for seniors, we have a strong president fighting against these communists. President Donald Trump is against cuts to Social Security, and has even called for an expansion of benefits for seniors. This makes perfect sense because Social Security is not in any way a socialist program. This is why the communists want to get rid of it so badly. They would rather have us fighting amongst ourselves for the few scraps of healthcare and money that the rich communists leave for us.

It is imperative for all seniors and those who oppose communism and socialism that Donald Trump wins in 2020. If he should lose, say goodbye to your monthly Social Security check and your healthcare.

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