Squad Members Now Pushing Bill That May Pass That Will Slash Police, Give Reparations’ To Blacks, Eliminates Prisons And Even MORE

Squad Democrats unveil bill to defund police, establish reparations program

How would you like a society where there were no prisons, no immigration detention centers, no Immigration Enforcement agencies, give voting rights and lifetime education to all illegal immigrants and incarcerated criminals and more?

My guess is that you wouldn’t like it but that is exactly what radical ‘squad’ members Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts have just proposed in their latest bill. Frankly it’s INSANE in my opinion!

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It’s called The BREATH Act…

It’s a mess.

From FOX News:

The bill also seeks to end gang databases, eliminate life sentences, retroactively expunging drug crimes, shutting down multiple federal agencies and the list goes on.

Here’s a brief summary of what’s in the BREATHE Act.


Section 1: Divesting from police
Divesting from agencies like the DEA and ICE as well as moving federal resources away from incarceration and policing
Eliminate ankle monitors
End civil asset forfeiture, which even some conservatives say is readily open to police abuse
End life sentences and mandatory minimum sentences
Develop a “time-bound plan to close all federal prisons and immigration detention centers”
Decriminalize and retroactively expunge both state and federal drug offenses
Section 2: Community safety
Offer a 50 percent federal match for projected savings when states and/or local jurisdictions close detention facilities, including jails
End cooperation with immigration authorities
Ban “pretextual” police stops and searches, even where police obtain consent. It’s not clear how the lawmakers would define a “pretextual” police stop
Abolish police gang databases, as well as armed cops and metal detectors in school
Forgive all outstanding court debt
Tie state grants to intervention programs that involve specialists other than police responding to some 911 calls

Section 3: Allocating new money
Create a plan to close youth detention centers
Pilot programs for universal basic income
Develop curricula that examine the political, economic, and social impacts of colonialism, native genocide, and slavery
Create tools to promote environmental justice, including by subsidizing “community” energy solutions
Provide lifetime education for illegal immigrants and the currently incarcerated
Ensure all communities have safe access to water
Eliminate state laws that bar formerly incarcerated people from serving as guardian for their own children or others in their community
Section 4: Holding officials accountable
Pass the Commission to Study Reparation Proposal for African-Americans Act and establish commissions to “design reparations” for mass incarceration to include those caught up in the War on Drugs, border and police violence and the “systemic violation of the U.S. Government’s treaty obligations to Tribal nations”
Enfranchise all incarcerated individuals
Guarantee private right of action for recovering damages when a federal official has committed a constitutional violation
Allowing local and state resident voting for illegal immigrants
This is completely insane and just goes to show you that these radical leftist haven’t got a clue on how to run a country in my opinion.

Again, these people are INSANE!

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